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June 23, 2019

Deacon Ron Reflects on 20 years….

Dear OLPH,

Thank you for your input on the New Mass Schedule ! Totals are close between the two options. I realize that any change causes discomfort, and may be unwanted, because it is an adjustment to what we are accustomed. Please know that we are not entering into this new schedule “willy nilly” but after months of planning and conversation. Please get your ballots in!

Again, the 5pm Vigil Mass will be unchanged. The Sunday morning schedule could be 8 - 10 - noon, or 8 - 9:30 - 11am. We have heard from several people who really favor the 7:30am and others who say that noon Mass is pivotal in their schedule. Thank you for your willingness to consider the alternatives.

As we reduce the options, our primary goal is vibrancy of each celebration… hearts lifted up to God in worship and adoration!

Throughout the summer, staff and parishioners will be sharing what our OLPH parish family means to them, with a poem, a memory, a story. Send them to ( frwilson@olphparish.com ). Let’s celebrate 100 years of parish life in Maple Shade!

This week we hear from Deacon Ron:

“The last twenty years as a Deacon has been an incredible journey. At ordination, when my wife and both Fr. Bernie Keigher and Fr. John Wake were putting my dalmatic on me, it really hit home that I would be an ordained deacon, receiving the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Since then I have had the privilege of meeting, working with and getting to know many priests and parishioners which has brought joy to my family and me.

“One of my earliest memories as a deacon was my involvement in preparing and performing the wedding ceremonies of two siblings and their future spouses. They not only allowed me to get to know them well but made me feel like I was part of the family.

“As a deacon, I have had two surgeries and have been supported by the parishioners as I recovered. The love that poured forth from the people of this parish showed me the love and light of Christ and helped me evolve as a deacon.

“Similarly, before I was ordained, when my wife and I were adopting our son, Steven, we were always being asked when we would be bringing him home. Everyone was so full of love that we knew home wasn't just our house but included the entire community of OLPH.

“Baptisms and weddings, first Communions and Confirmations, serving at Mass and other services have all increased my faith and have allowed me to share that faith with others. They have allowed me to grow from preferring to do baptisms and weddings, which I considered "joyful", to acknowledging the joyfulness of funerals that is hidden amongst the sorrow. Bringing comfort to the homebound, to the bereaved, and to those who are suffering makes me feel as though I'm doing God's work.

“It's because the parishioners at OLPH have allowed me these opportunities that I am truly blessed. You have opened your arms and your hearts to me and have accepted me for who I am. I will be forever grateful for all this community has done for me. God bless you all.”

A heartfelt reflection of love experienced and love shared! A deacon is one who serves. Jesus tells his followers, “I come among you as one who serves.” All clergy, but especially deacons are charged with a ministry of service. We give thanks for Deacon Ron’s twenty years of diaconal ministry. And we look forward to hearing from you, about our parish family of OLPH!

Many blessings!

Fr. Wilson